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Friday, February 3, 2012

Beginning Photography- Wednesdays at Western- February 8th

Date: 2/08/2012     $20
Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:30PM-4:30PM
Meeting Location: Kelley 120
A digital camera is required.
Celebrated sports and landscape photographer, Trent Bona, leads participants in an engaging and hands-on workshop designed for both beginners and those wishing to refresh their technical understanding and skills of their Digital SLR cameras. In the first portion of the course, students learn the technical fundamentals of how their camera captures images, enabling them to understand the full impact and logic behind the adjustments they make. Next, the course covers the elements of image composition as well as the metering and usage of light so that students understand how to properly frame and expose for a multitude of different scenarios. The class includes an outdoor session in which students can practice what they have learned and get real time feedback from the instructor as they compose and capture images. When asked what he wants this course to encompass, Trent responded, “I want everyone to realize the full potential of their camera so that photography can become more of an adventure than just a challenge. Once a person understands the technical aspects of their equipment and the fundamentals of image composition the sky becomes his or her limit."

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