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Monday, October 27, 2014

Coming up to Crested Butte for Xmas or New Years? It is best to make a reservation for dinner.
here are some of my picks!
Soupcon:  970-349-5448 - Romantic, gourmet, limited seating. On a side street and too inspiring.

  Dinner at the Yurt - 970-349-1707 - some cross country skiing
required, but then! gourmet under the stars in a beautiful tent on a hidden snowfield. email: Schedule.

  Uley's Cabin - 970-349-2275 - Up on the mountain. You will probably go up by tractor. Unforgettable- the whole experience.

  The Red Room - 970-349-6245 - This is the secret underground restaurant of the above ground Secret Stash - great ambience and decor.

  9380-Prime   - 970 - 251-3030 - Right at the base. There is a firepit, live music and heaters - a great place to park yourself and watch the torch parades by the ski patrol on the mountain.

  Le Bosquet - 970-349-5808 - Nice French restaurant - great for families - send the kids to the penny arcades at the movie theater (up one level) and sit and relax!